Best Interior Designing Courses in Canada

By | June 16, 2023

Interior design should be your top recommendation if you’re seeking for a degree that will offer you both lucrative employment opportunities and a theoretical foundation.

The best design schools in Canada give you access to co-ops, off-site tutoring, and hands-on learning opportunities. A specialisation that is expected to be more in demand over the next three to five years is sustainable design, which is covered in some Canadian interior design schools.

This article will be very beneficial for you if you want to learn more about the interior design programs offered in Canada. Continue reading to learn more about the country’s top interior design programs.

Interior Designing Courses in Canada

The top universities and colleges that offer postgraduate and diploma programs in interior design are featured in this section.

Humber College – Master of Interior Design

The Interior Decorating diploma program at Humber blends necessary creative and practical skills with understanding of modern innovative designs. In order to transform a customer’s living or working space, you will explore and brainstorm the demands and passions of the client.

In our design studios, you will receive instruction from working professionals at Humber. Using materials and trends particular to the industry, studio sessions offer practical experience and training. You can look forward to possibilities for overseas adventure, field trips, guest speakers, and trade exhibits.

You will be a significant player in creating intriguing, useful, and aesthetically beautiful interiors once you graduate from this program.

Bow Valley College – Post Diploma Certificate in Kitchen and Bath Design

Under this fascinating post-diploma program, the first of its type in Alberta, advance your decorating profession.

The residential kitchen and bath design sector offers specialised services from kitchen and bath designers. By developing analytical, planning, and documentation abilities particular to the kitchen and bath design profession, learners will enhance their training.

Discover the newest trends and difficulties facing kitchen and bathroom designers. Develop your skills in analysing customer needs and responding to them by producing attractive and practical design solutions.

University of Manitoba – Master of Interior Design

University of Manitoba graduates who specialise in interior design have a proven track record of working well together in the construction sector.

In Canada, the first Master of Interior Design program was developed by the Interior Design Department at the University of Michigan, which has a longstanding reputation for excellence. The department provides good chances to broaden theoretical knowledge and group perspectives.

Algonquin College, Ottawa – Diploma in Interior Decoration

The two-year Interior Decorating diploma program at Algonquin College is created to give students the fundamental decorating abilities and instruction necessary to excel as interior decorators.

They aid in the development of your artistic talent and creativity for the fascinating and exciting profession of interior design for homes and businesses. A variety of lectures, exhibits, guest speakers, and field trips will be used to teach you. In order to further prepare you for the workforce, a field placement element will also be completed during your final semester.

Sheridan College – Diploma in Interior Decoration

Choose the education that best fits you by finding your compatibility. While you advance your job, cultivate your creativity.

Sheridan College is dedicated to giving you the knowledge, resources, and support you require to accomplish your objectives and realize your maximum capabilities. Your creative spirit will be encouraged in Sheridan’s two-year Interior Decorating diploma program. You’ll have an established sense for interior design when you join the workforce. Additionally, you’ll be able to run a successful, efficient business and compete for customers thanks to your business acumen.

LaSalle College – Diploma in Interior Decoration

AEC students majoring in interior design routinely have the chance to work on top-notch projects that allow them to showcase their skills and innovative thinking. This achievement demonstrates the superior curriculum and instruction provided by LaSalle College, where the instructors are also working professionals.

Students in the two-year Interior Design program learn various interior design approaches using cutting-edge computer software.

St. Clair College – Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

Interior designers collaborate with customers to build aesthetically pleasing, technically complex, and practical design solutions. In terms of interior design, they are the architects.

The Advanced Diploma in Interior Design program at St. Clair College caters to students who are creative and passionate about designing spaces that improve quality of life. Math proficiency and elementary art skills are prerequisites. Both independent thinkers and team players are required of students. The program provides excellent employment experience with chances abroad.

Conestoga College – Diploma in Interior Decoration

You can develop the technical and creative skills necessary to succeed in the wide-ranging subject of interior decorating in a real – time scenario through Conestoga’s interior decorating program. You’ll learn from professionals in the field and acquire useful skills. You’ll enrol in classes on color, fabrics, finishes, and fixtures, which will be complemented by access to our extensive sample collection.

Your final semester will provide you with a field placement option that will enable you to get practical work experience before you graduate. As a result of their placement with firms, numerous students have obtained full-time employment.


Do you intend to continue your education abroad? Then Canada is undoubtedly one of the best locations offering a variety of courses that you might want to pursue. For students looking to study overseas, Canada is regarded as one of the greatest possibilities thanks to its top-notch facilities and high-quality education.

Most foreign students choose to study interior design in Canada. The top interior design programs offered by Canadian universities are reviewed in this article. We think you now have a decision to make!